Blogging for Real Estate Businesses and Realtors

Today, we’re going to get a little more specific and talk about blogging opportunities for real estate businesses and realtors. The goal of virtually any marketing material promoting a realtor, is to bring in listing opportunities or prospective homebuyers. This is different from marketing material promoting listings they already have; that is completely different focus. What we’re talking about today, is getting more clients because more clients, means more commissions.

Is blogging a viable solution for real estate businesses and realtors? It most certainly is, though you shouldn’t expect immediate returns after posting one blog.

Blogging is Your Long Game

Marketing your real estate business needs to include multiple channels and approaches. Blogging should be one of them and should be considered the long game. When any business blogs, there are generally two large goals; maintain or increase SEO value, and create useful content related to long-tail keywords.

Using Moz’s free Keyword Explorer tool, let’s take a look at the term “how to choose a realtor”. You’ll see great metrics like Monthly Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity, Priority, and other analysis like SERP Analysis and Keyword Suggestions. As you can see in our screenshot below, the top three results are from some pretty powerful domains. You can throw your hat in the ring, but you might want to check out some keyword suggestions first to find a less difficult term.

How to Choose a Realtor - Keyword


Carving out a niche in terms of long-tail keywords can help you popup in search results amid some powerful sites. As you can see, the goal of this all is to answer potential questions that prospective clients might have. Therefore you come off as a useful, intelligent, well informed realtor. You are building trust.

The great part of this long game is that it can be relatively low cost. If you are an adept writer, you can do it yourself by putting forth a couple hours per week. Even if you decide to hire an agency, say Lot 9 Interactive, the cost is relatively low. The reason the cost is low is because blogging is considered Evergreen content; it exists as long as your domain exists. That means a blog post written 2 years ago can still net you new prospective clients today.

What Should I Write About?

As a real estate business or realtor, you work in a pretty engaging niche. People are genuinely intrigued with home purchasing and selling even if they might not be in the market to do so just yet. Just look at HGTV! It is an entire network almost entirely dedicated to the real estate industry. That means you have plenty of topics to cover. Here are some potential categories and topics just off the top of our heads:

  • Home Remodeling
  • Home Investment
  • What Rooms to Remodel to Increase Property Value
  • State of the Housing Market
  • Featured Properties that you are listing
  • Expectations for New Home Buyers
  • Expectations for Home Sellers
  • How to Determine What You Want in a Home

The possibilities are endless and you can get incredibly creative with it. Blogging strategically and creatively can time some time, but you’ll get the hang of it.

So in summary, blogging can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It won’t really replace a lot of the traditional stuff your do though, especially promoting referrals and networking. For more info on blogging, feel free to reach out to us.

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