Business Blogging: How to Start

As easy as it sounds, business blogging doesn’t come so easily. Especially in the beginning. So today, we’re going to go over some tips to get your business started with blogging. You might chuckle and think to yourself, “Don’t you just start writing?”. Sure, that’s one approach, but it might not be effective or scalable.

Topic Brainstorm

The first thing you should do is get some employees together and brainstorm. You don’t necessarily need to think of specific posts just yet. You do want to brainstorm about overall topics though. So for example, if an automotive repair shop wants to start blogging, they’ll want to determine topics relevant to their business.

This can include things like common automotive repairs, gas-saving tips, DIY fixes versus professional fixes, opinions on upcoming car models, automotive shows, classic cars, maintenance tips year round, and driving tips for seasonal situations.

By identifying large topics, you can easily flush out some great, specific content ideas within those topics.

Identify Keywords

This one is a little trickier since keyword research isn’t a mechanics typical specialty. But there are some great tools to get you started. You can use tools such as Google Keywords Planner(just create a Google Adwords account and don’t start a campaign), Moz Keyword Explorerwhich gives you five queries (search terms) per day, Keyword Tool (a personal favorite), and even more paid-search focused services like SpyFu or SEMrush.

So why do you need to identify keywords? Keywords are what will help drive people to your blogs via search engines. You’ll be able to see varying aspects of keywords and their data in the various tools listed above. They also help you generate additional ideas for your blogs as well as determining what are known as long-tail-keywords.

Share the Wealth (aka Workload)

It can be extremely difficult for a single person to churn out all of the blogs needed. However if four people can share the duties of writing 1 blog per month each, it makes the workload much easier to handle. Why four? It is a solid starting point in terms of how many blogs to writer per month.

Including more people in the blogging process also helps with idea generation. Two heads, and in this case, four heads, are better than one. A single person ideating and writing four blogs per month can be a daunting task, making starting the task, much more unlikely.

Your Blogging Platform

Hopefully your website is built on a content-management-system like WordPress (or alternatively Wix or SquareSpace). If not, you might want to consider a new website. The reason is that you want to be able to blog as easily as you can create a Word document. If you have to hardcode each individual blog into your static HTML website, you’re never going to accomplish your blogging goals.

WordPress is ideal for not only building your website but also churning out blogs. It’s meant for that. We’d recommend against adding an external Blogspot or Tumblr as your blog. You want all of the content hosted on your main domain. The purpose is to help out your organic search traffic, which is part of the point of blogging.

Now that you’ve got yourself a starting point, get to it! Gather your creative thinkers, or anyone for that matter, and start thinking up some topics.

Still, stumped? We’d love to help you get started.

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