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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is great way to stay in front of your audience to create new customer opportunities and increase customer retention. Email marketing shouldn’t be spammy, it should be useful and timely.

Eblast Template Design

The first thing you need to get started with an email marketing campaign is a well-designed email template. Simple, branded, and user-friendly. If your email can’t get its point across in a couple of seconds, you lost the reader.

Eblast Creation

So you’ve got a great template, huh? Well, that is just a template and needs to change each time you send out a message. We create custom messages with various content such as blogs, promotions, announcements, products, and more.

List Management

Which is better; a 10,000 email list in a spreadsheet, or a 2,000 highly organized, segmented emails? We’re going with the 2,000. Knowing the who, what, when of your e-list is important. It helps you to better cater your email marketing campaigns to individual subscribers.

A/B Testing

Part of the reason for a highly segmented e-list, is so that you can A/B test. A/B testing of emails can include seeing how a particular segment of your list responds to different email marketing messages or testing different messages on your entire e-list or segments of it.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing, also called drip campaigns, allows you to have automated emails go out to new or existing subscribers based on certain actions they take. It is pretty powerful stuff and the best part is you don’t have to manually manage it.