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Project Description

Dynamic Martial Arts: Lead Gen PPC

Dynamic Martial Arts is a local martial arts studio nearby our Orange County location. The master there is also the owner, financier, and was the main marketing man. So we alleviated that portion of his job. Just starting out, we’ve already been able to top the amount of leads month over month. In addition he’s been setup with detailed conversion tracking that was non-existent in the past.

The results have been great so far, generating about 43 leads in two months. With a spend of $280, the cost-per-conversion is great especially when factored into the Customer Lifetime Value. Just 3 new members would repay the spend in a single month! Needless to say generating those three new members shouldn’t be hard from a pool of 43. In addition, most members easily stay past one month, increasing the total amount they spend (their CLV).

Conversion Rate
Cost Per Lead

Skills Needed

The primary goal of this ongoing project is to generate leads for Dynamic Martial Arts. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Lead Generation ads, we are able to hone in on a very specific, highly targeted audience that is likely to convert for a low cost-per-lead.

Lead Generation Knowledge 100%
Google Adwords 90%
Facebook Ads 90%
Conversion Path Setup 87%

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