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Project Description

Lindy’s Landing: SEO & Copywriting

Lindy’s Landing was in the process of one of the biggest rebranding efforts – not just in logo – they hired a new chef, planned a new menu, and are in the process of pleasing both a high end restaurant crowd, as well as a night life loving ,younger crowd looking for a deal. Needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done.

Lucky for us, we only had to focus on the website. While the developers and designers were hard at work building the site mechanics and making it look all pretty, we were busy writing new copy and making sure the launch would go off without a hitch in terms of SEO. This wasn’t just a website redesign either – this was a switch from a .net to a .com.

Pages Written
301 Redirects
Website Relaunched

Skills Needed

The primary goal of this project was to maintain search engine visibility while updating the copy to reflect the two new audiences that Lindy’s was targeting. That required SEO knowledge for website redesigns as well as copywriting skills.

SEO Knowledge 100%
Website SEO Mechanics 90%
Copywriting 90%
Webmaster Tools & Analytics 87%

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