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Branding & Design

In today’s fast-paced, cheaply outsourced marketing world, many business owners don’t appreciate quality design. We’re here to change that because as you know, a picture is worth 1,000 words.


Branding is incredibly important for any business; it is what makes you memorable to customers. Our goal is to create a consistent, identifiable brand through logo design, color palette matching, voice, and consistency across all marketing and customer-facing mediums.

Logo Design

One of the first pieces a business needs for quality branding is a unique, quality logo. This shouldn’t be done with WordArt. That is tacky and you should be ashamed. We provide quality logo designs that provide a clean look, meaningful to your brand, and can translate across all branded assets.

Print Ads

What the wha? Print? Being children of the web era ourselves, we hear ya. However, there are plenty of great print opportunities that can reach your customers in a space that they are highly engaged with. This could be a trade magazine, direct mail piece, or a pamphlet in your office.

Package Design

One of the first things your customers might see, after they open the Amazon box, is your own packaging. Believe it or not, this can have an impact on immediate impressions of your company and brand. Do your customers see a beautiful package, or a plastic bag? Depending on which you provide, will skew your customers’ perceptions about your quality.