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Inbound Marketing/Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing, also known as Content Marketing, contains a number of marketing channels. Inbound is all about people finding you, not you finding them. So this includes blogging, landing page creation, social media marketing, and much more.


Blogging is essential to any inbound/content marketing efforts. In fact, it is essential to any business, period. Blogging allows you to provide content surrounding your area of expertise to show that you are a thought leader in that space. It also provides some serious juice for SEO.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are important for any type of campaign you are trying to run. Constantly sending people to your home page doesn’t cut it. Landing pages provide a website visitor with a clearly defined action, that funnels them along in the customer process.


When we refer to inbound/content marketing campaigns, we are talking about creating all of assets needed to promote an ebook, checklist, whitepaper, webinar, video, etc. There needs to a custom landing page, form, thank you page, call-to-action, and social posts for every single campaign.

Social Media Marketing

We see a lot of attempts at social media marketing. But just sharing the great reviews your business has received is NOT a strategy. Let’s call it like it is; bragging. We’re not saying you can’t share your reviews, but you need to provide a reason for people to follow you on social media. That means providing quality, useful information that people get value out of.

Persona Development

Do you know who your customers are? Like, really know who they are. Their job title, marital status, pain points, product or service search process, favorite media consumption tools, favorite watering holes, and more? That is persona development. The reason this is important is because it allows for the crafting of content in a way that specifically speaks to your individual customer.