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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click marketing involves a number of different mediums. For many, the first thing they think about is Google Search PPC. It is an important piece of PPC for most businesses, but not necessarily the only one needed.


As mentioned above, Google Search is sort of the catalyst for all PPC. Everyone thinks they need it but some get a little spooked by potential budget needs. The beauty of Search though, is that you only pay for a click which usually means the user is interested in your product or services.


Display advertising are designed ads that show up on other people’s websites. A number of targeting parameters are possible including the topic of a website, a website viewer’s interests, specific website placements, and more. Display is great for high volume campaigns.


TPeople are becoming more and more familiar with remarketing, but not all advertiser’s take advantage of its full capabilities. We prefer to remarket to people who haven’t taken a desired action on your website but showed a specific level of interest, whereas some people just remarket to every person that visited your website.

Social Ads

Finally, social ads can provide a great PPC option for businesses. In this situation you are targeting very specific niches of people (thanks to the users providing personal information on these sites) where they are highly engaged. For example, a Facebook Newsfeed ad is a great way to reach your audience. People actively and attentively scroll through their Facebook Newsfeed, meaning your ad is likely to be seen and engaged with.