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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important for every single business. Search engines are driving business and you need your business to compete within that space. So here’s how we can help.

Website Mechanics

The first thing needed is a website audit. We look at things that are behind-the-scenes on your website such as site structure, URL strings, H1 tags, meta tags, redirects, and more. Having a well structured and organized website is the first battle in SEO dominance.

Webmaster Management

SEO is not a one-time deal. It is a war of attrition for the lifetime of your business. That means you need constant SEO research and improvements. Part of that is keeping tracking of how well search engines are crawling your site. We use Google Webmaster Tools for this as we can see any glaring issues that might arise as well as identifying which search queries you are showing up for.

Keyword Research

The days of keyword stuffing your website are over. Search engines are placing so much more importance on the intent of the searcher. This means does your website relate to what the searcher is intending to find. With that said, keywords are still very important to your website, especially when it comes to your page title, H1 tag, H2 tags, and more. You just don’t need to include 100 variations of a keyword in the meta area anymore.

Content Creation

Content creation is a great way to drive the SEO value of your website up. Things like blogging and creating useful pieces of content provide your website with additional value and can match with more search queries. So let’s talk about inbound and content marketing.